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Armed With Knowledge

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Armed With Knowledge

Who We Are

A group of like-minded individuals who believe in a future where all self-defenders are armed with the knowledge they need to keep themselves and those they care about safe.

Today it seems like more and more people are REACTING with anger and fear instead of RESPONDING with knowledge, facts, and experience. This doesn't mean that we think our words are made of gold or etched in stone. We certainly don't feel that way at all. In fact, we welcome challenges to our current views. At any point in the future we may remake some old content as the result of a new perspective we've gained that upends our old beliefs. We don't have any problems eating crow if we get ahead of ourselves or learn something new. Our hope is that our viewers can follow us with a similar mindset.

We'll be working with a lot of other people that come from different backgrounds to bring knowledge and experience from many different angles.